If you want to learn how to take benefit of social media to grow your blog/business or how to become a successful freelancer, you have come to the right place. 

Welcome to Daglega. I’m Nirodha Abayalath, a freelance social media strategist and blogger from Sri Lanka. Even if I put “blogger” next to my name, I have not done big things as a blogger yet.

I just want to share social media marketing strategies, tips, tools, guides, updates, and insights with you which I’ve learned over the last six years as a freelance social media strategist.

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You are probably curious about the meaning of “Daglega.” I tried hundreds of different names when I wanted to buy a domain name for my blog. Unfortunately, all were taken. I got an idea. I translated domain names into Icelandic.

Daglega means “Daily” in Icelandic. Pretty funny, huh! Yes, I know. It was the stupidest thing I have ever done for this blog, but I still don’t wanna change the name. Do I have to? What do you think?

Daglega is for you.

I have a B.Sc. special degree in Zoology, and I’m doing full-time research for my master’s degree.

You didn’t expect that, right? Zoology, social media marketing, and blogging are entirely different paths. Most social media experts have computer science, IT, or a marketing-related degree.

Why Daglega?

I wanted to share,

  • How I became a top-rated freelancer on Upwork with more than 3800 online working hours.
  • My personal journey as a freelance social media strategist (success stories and failures). 
  • Things I’ve learned working for large businesses. 
  • Show how to grow your social media accounts organically.
  • Things every beginner has to face while blogging and freelancing.
  • How to create and maintain a WordPress blog without coding or web designing knowledge.
  • Basic SEO tips for absolute beginners.

I love my clients, and maybe they love my work.

“Nirodha Abayalath got us a huge number of followers on Twitter in a short time, and they were all real people or organizations. Most of them were in the areas of interest we mentioned and when we asked him to make modifications to the target audience, he did so immediately. He was extremely responsive, independent and worked independently with no need for me to spend any time supervising. 

We got clear reports every week of his work and he was super communicative and responsive to every request we had. Excellent, fast work, very easy to get along with, courteous and meets all of his goals.  Highly recommended.”

– Rebecca Rachmany –
(Founder, iwriteicowhitepapers.com)

“Nirodha has done great things with our social media presence. He’s very knowledgeable in most networks and has completed everything we’ve asked promptly. We will be sure to use him again for our social media needs.”

– Oliver Castle –
(Founder, fullbundle.com)

“Nirodha Abayalath did great handling the Twitter account and increased our twitter reach from just a few thousand to over 35 thousand. I will use him again for other Twitter projects.”

– Matteo Galbiati –
(Dreamsite Inc.)

Reach Me via Social Media

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But you can also contact me via the following social media networks.

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Nirodha Abayalath