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Social media marketing is evolving swiftly. If you want to be a successful social media marketer, you should update your knowledge about the field at the same speed.

Marketer with the most updated knowledge will survive.

Don’t you wanna know how I sync with the speed of the evolution in social media? Today, I’m going to expose my methods. Actually, I didn’t even realize that these methods are helping until recent.

I have a few bad habits. We all have no?.

It all started with one terrible habit. I have a huge list of blogs (bookmarked) that I love to read every day (at least I believed that it was a bad habit).

Those are under different subject fields such as social media marketing, content marketing, tech, gadgets, science, blogging, SEO, cars, news, photography and more.

Even if I couldn’t read every blog, I just click the links every day. It was a bad habit because it consumes time. I mean a lot of time. Sometimes, it takes about six-seven hours a day.

When I was browsing everywhere on the internet and staring at websites, felt like an addiction. I didn’t read any of this for knowledge or learn new things for future use. Just for fun.

Hey, what are you doing? Isn’t that boring? Those words are flying around me all the time but, I couldn’t stop because I’m an addict.

As I said in my previous article, I started doing elementary administrative works, and web research as a freelancer (at Upwork formerly oDesk) and monthly earnings were weak.

After a few years of patience and hard work, I realized that most of the social media strategists out there don’t do what I could do. I saw an opportunity there. So, I gradually changed my title from “VA/Web Researcher” to “Social Media Marketing Manager.”

Now I earn enough for a living and feel better than doing copy and paste jobs.

Read Read Read

Everything came up with the habit of reading. Even if it seems like time-consuming and not doing actual work, that habit has an enormous potential to change my profession as well as my life.

So, in the beginning, it is very annoying. If you jumped into the wrong articles at first, reading becomes even harder. I went through that misery. So, be careful when you select blogs to read regularly.

I write this to help you find the best blogs (my personal choice) if you are interested in Social Media Marketing.

I extracted ten blogs I read (at least visit) every day from my bookmarks. Basically, all these blogs under the theme of Social Media Marketing.

Some of the blogs are award winning.

I’m still learning from their well-organized and fascinating articles. So, I honestly believe that these are the best blogs to learn about social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, blogging, tools that use professionals, tips, and tricks for social media marketing, etc.

Here is the list of those 10 blogs (Click on the image to go to the website: it’ll open in a new tab)

1. blog social media marketing


2. Social Media Examiner

social media examiner social media marketing


3. Buffer Blog

bufferapp blog buffer social media marketing


4. Jenn’s Trends

jennstrends blog social media marketing


5. Peg Fitzpatrick

pegfitzpatrick blog social media marketing


6. Rebekah Radice

rebekahradice social media marketing blog


7. RazorSocial

razorsocial social media marketing blog


8. SproutSocial

sproutsocial social media marketing blog


9. SocialMediaToday

socialmediatoday social media marketing blog


10. SociallySorted

sociallysorted social media marketing blog


Honorable Mentions

11. Neil Patel’s Blog

12. Dustin Stout

13. Agora Pulse

14. Simply Measured

15. Katie Lance

I hope you now see the power of a habit and this list gave you some insights to find your path. Feel free to write your thoughts and habits you think that changed the way you work.