Why I Keep Writing

Truth be told. I have my own blog and no audience. I have a Medium account (really great platform for writers, you should try it) and no significant audience there too. Nobody reads my articles. But, I am still writing here. I’m not a good writer nor a professional blogger


Overthinking = Making Things Too Complicated

First, I have to say that I’m not a blogging coach or an expert writer but, I have learned a few things about overthinking while writing and how this overthinking affects terrible on my writing. I usually overthink everything, and it makes me very busy. Even the stupidest idea comes


Stop Sounding Smarter Than You Are

Well, we all want to sound smarter than we are right? When we are writing, we do that more often. I am stupid enough to try that too, and it feels wrong.  I always had a story to tell you and wanted a platform to write and improve my writing

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