6 Best Tools to Gain More Twitter Followers

Everybody wants more Twitter followers right?

Within the last few months, Twitter was not the best social media platform to focus on because the marketing potential that Twitter had in the early days is fading due to different reasons.

One of the major problems was Twitter has the most substantial number of fake profiles among all the other competitors.

So, more Twitter followers mean nothing today but it was an influential factor early.

If you still want to do business with Twitter, be serious about attracting real human, engaging, and niche-specific followers.

The good news is, Twitter has made an important decision to remove fake and suspicious accounts aggressively.

They should have done that years ago. It is at the worst stage now. However, finally, they did the right thing.

Twitter is coming back stronger than before. I’m pretty sure about that.

Instagram is making the news these days, dominating the social media world. Instagram can never do the things that Twitter can.

They have unique qualities. So, my advice is, do not give up on Twitter yet.

I have been writing an article on how I grew my Twitter followers from 0 to 135,000 for months.

It is my whole story of developing a successful Twitter account/business and like an ultimate guide for beginners in attracting more Twitter followers.

That article is getting longer every day, but I do not want to write more than 3000 words per article no matter what.

So, I decided to publish the best Twitter tools I have been using the whole time to gain more Twitter followers as a separate article.

Usually, beginners type on Google “How to get more Twitter followers fast” and click all the links on Google’s first few pages right?

Yes, I know because that is what I did as a beginner about eight years ago.

gain more twitter followers google search daglega

I can’t think of any other social media platform which gives access to many third-party tools like Twitter. I still don’t understand how Twitter does that.

So, my advice is, don’t try all the tools in the world. Most of them are trash and damage your Twitter profile and impression.

Some popular Twitter tools grow your account very fast but, almost all the followers are fake. I have tried those as a beginner and ruined my profile several times.

With my eight years of experience in Twitter management, I can quickly name more than 30 Twitter tools here but, I intend to give you only the best tools.

That is why I picked only these six tools.

All these six tools have free versions or at least a one-week trial period. So, you can try all these tools before you purchase pro versions.

You Are Responsible

One more thing before going right into the list. These third-party tools enable a vast variety of features but, you should understand how to use those features firmly.

Twitter was going through a tough time, and they are in the process of cleaning the platform.

So, you have to be very careful while growing more Twitter followers and especially when using automation tools.

If you have done things that violate Twitter rules, your profile might be suspended right away. Then you have to take responsibility for your misbehave, not these tools.

In January 2019, Twiter removed API access to many third-party apps to protect the platform from spammers.

So, most of the features/filters such as following and unfollowing in bulk do not work right now. Most probably, those features will not work ever again.

However, still, tools that I am going to explain have some great features and they have added some new features which you could use to up your social media marketing game and gain more Twitter followers.

All these troubles are for the greater good. So, don’t worry.

Even if you couldn’t grow your Twitter followers as quickly as before, there is a silver lining, now the probability of getting niche-specific and active followers is higher than before.

1. Owlead

Owlead is a platform to automate the following process and gain targeted and real Twitter followers for your account. So, this one is the best.

The magic of the platform happens behind the scenes with smart and custom filters that let you narrow an audience based on:

  • Keywords in bio
  • Language
  • Localization
  • Gender
Owlead twitter followers grow fast

After narrowing your audience, Owlead will start following (and unfollowing when necessary) 50 users per campaign from your audience on autopilot. You can configure from 1 to 5 campaigns.

I have been playing around with the platform and gained 685 new followers in 8 days, really amazing huh!

The platform also has a dashboard with relevant data of your recent activity:

  • Followers growth
  • Gained followers with and without Owlead
  • The interest of your followers
  • The quality score of your followers

and more…

Owlead has a neat 10-day free trial demo, go ahead and try it out and make your conclusions about this Twitter growth tool. After the trial period, you’ll have to pick a plan from $19 to $99 per month.

Owlead twitter tool monthly plans

2. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is my most-used tool to gain more Twitter followers. It has a user-friendly interface and the Crowdfire mobile app is cool and comfortable to use.

It had all the features such as follow and unfollow non-followers, etc. earlier. As I mentioned, all those features are removed because Twitter forced to do that.

So, if any tool provides those features, they probably are violating the Twitter rules.

My advice is don’t use those bots. You won’t be able to recover your account if they’ve suspended while using those. They mentioned that very clearly.

The below screenshot is just to show you those removed features.

crowdfire filters more twitter followers daglega 2018

Now Crowdfire has added even better features. Even the Crowdfire Plus plan (the cheapest plan) now allows you to link 10 social accounts.

Some great newly added features are, now you can schedule social media posts (Crowdfire even suggest content to post on your social media based on your interests/topics), schedule posts in bulk, add and manage team members, track your @Mentions, reply to those mentions right within the Crowdfire app.

The most important feature is social media analytics.

You can spend less time digging and more on marketing because of all the necessary post analytics, social media profile analytics, and competitor analytics in one place.

crowdfire social media analytics

Isn’t that great? You just don’t have to browse through different apps or websites. All the necessary social media management features and analytics are here on Crowdfire.

crowdfire gain more twitter followers

There are so many other features. I recommend Crowdfire because I have been using this app for years and get the best results.

3. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter also had similar features like Crowdfire and some of its in-app features also removed by Twitter.

Below, you can see the removed features.

manageflitter filters more twitter followers daglega 2018

However, you still can find some great features such as cleaning Fake/Spam followers from your Twitter.

I use ManageFlitter to clean (unfollow accounts) my Twitter accounts because, filters such as no profile image, fake and inactive work sleekly than any other tool.

Even if the Crowdfire and ManageFlitter features are pretty much the same, the behavior of the filters and the Twitter growth rates are slightly varied according to my experience.

ManageFlitter offers advanced analytics and unique features such as “PowerPost” to gain maximum exposure to your Tweets.

If you manage several Twitter accounts from your clients, consider pricing and different features these tools offer.

Sometimes, a combination of two tools works better for running clients’ accounts.

Unfortunately, now they don’t offer this Free plan but, you’ll see that Pro and Business plans are the best for this price.

manageflitter pricing features more twitter followers daglega 2018

4. Tweepi

Tweepi is one of the best tools to grow more Twitter followers fast. Honestly, everything began with this fantastic tool for me a few years ago.

Unfortunately, I can no longer use the free version of this because I have already exceeded their limit (60,000 followers is the limit).

It is a tool that offers you follow and unfollow options with the wide variance of filtering options you could not find anywhere on the internet.

tweepi filters more twitter followers daglega 2018

You can find the best accounts to follow filtering by location, language, followers count, and follow ratio, etc.

However, following new Twitter accounts is a two-step process now. You can no longer follow filtered profiles directly via the Tweepi, because of the changes made to Twitter API in 2017.

“Follow” button has now changed to “Follow List.”

When you have clicked the “Follow List” button, that account will automatically add to a private Twitter list.

Go to your Twitter account and find the list named “tweepi-pending-follow.” Then follow the list members curated by the Tweepi.

tweepi pending follow twitter list more twitter followers daglega 2018

Yes, it is a little annoying but, what other options do we have? It is because of Twitter itself.

So, we have to satisfy with that because at least we still can curate the best accounts to follow.

Unfollowing accounts that do not have a good bio or profile image has never been this easy. So, with Tweepi you would gain more Twitter followers (engaging and niche specific followers) while maintaining a healthy account with no fake followers.

tweepi pricing more twitter followers daglega 2018

5. Buffer

To gain more Twitter followers, you have to post your content at the right time of the day. If not, your target audience won’t see your Tweets.

Buffer helps to schedule our Tweets to get the highest exposure and engagement according to our niche and the audience.

buffer posting schedule more twitter followers daglega 2018

If you want to gain more Twitter followers fast, consider scheduling at least five tweets per day using Buffer. Ten is always better.

Buffer offers a browser extension to schedule content on your social media from the internet. You simply have to click the extension button when you have come across a worth sharing content.

buffer pricing features more twitter followers daglega 2018

6. Hootsuite

As a social media marketer, I can’t think of any other better and complete social media management tool except Hootsuite.

If you are a serious social media marketer or you want to enhance your marketing strategy, Hootsuite is the best.

Unlike any other Twitter management apps, you can manage more than one Twitter account via Hootsuite’s web dashboard.

hootsuite web dashboard more twitter followers daglega 2018

When you are gaining more Twitter followers with the time, it becomes difficult to reply to comments, Twitter DMs and respond to mentions.

So, with the help of Hootsuite, you can effortlessly manage all those tasks which are crucial to gain more Twitter followers right within the dashboard.

That is why Hootsuite is one of my favorite apps as a social media marketer.

Hootsuite offers a Tweet scheduling option and also a browser extension, but it is still buggy and not convenient as Buffer.

hootsuite pricing features more twitter followers daglega 2018

Bonus Tools to Gain More Twitter Followers

I have added these five Twitter tools as a bonus. So, now you have a complete list of tools (11) to gain more Twitter followers quickly.

Don’t waste your time by browsing the best tools to grow your Twitter again.


IFTTT did not exist when I started growing my Twitter account but, when it hit the ground, I couldn’t live without it. It saved hours from my daily schedule.

IFTTT means “if this, then that.” They have derived it from programming conditional statement.

It is a fantastic and purely simple automation platform. You have to link your social media accounts (you can connect software, devices, and services also) and they offer thousands of automation options.

The automation is enabled via “Applets” which connects multiple apps to run automated tasks.

You can use ready-made Applets for your automation, or you can create your applets. Using the IFTTT website or mobile app to manage your Applets is very convenient and user-friendly.

You would find so many Twitter-related Applets. Go and search the Twitter Applets in IFTTT. You don’t know that you need those Applets until you see.

ifttt twitter applets more twitter followers daglega 2018

I use IFTTT Twitter Applets for,

  • Add specific Twitter accounts to Twitter lists
  • Share Tweets from a particular user on my Twitter profile
  • Post Pinterest pins (from a particular board only) on Twitter
  • Add Instagram videos to Google Drive
  • Share my YouTube videos on Twitter
  • Share my Tweets on Tumblr
  • Tweet my Instagrams as native photos on Twitter
  • Share Instagram videos on Twitter
  • Share my Tweets on LinkedIn
  • Tweet and thank people who mentioned me on Twitter
  • Share my blog posts on Twitter

It takes less than 30 minutes to set up all these Applets for your Twitter.

8. Twitter Analytics

Even the heavy Twitter users still don’t know about Twitter analytics and its power. People are always looking for third-party tools for analytics.

You don’t have to.

twitter analytics tool gain more twitter followers daglega 2018

Your Twitter account has its advanced analytics option embedded. If you want to gain more Twitter followers, you have to go through your Twitter analytics.

Everything you want to know about your audience and activity is there. Master your Twitter analytics, and you would see what you have to do next for better growth.

9. TwitterAudit

TwitterAudit is a pretty simple tool. It analyses your Twitter followers and shows how many Real Followers and Fake followers in your account within seconds.

twitter audit tool gain more twitter followers daglega 2018

With the results of this tool, you can optimize your strategy to gain more Twitter followers.

Now you can block the fake followers by purchasing their Pro version. But, as a beginner, don’t worry too much about the fake followers until you do not practice any spammy techniques to gain followers.

10. Refind

I feel like Refind should come as the 7th must-have tool to keep your Twitter alive (and other social media accounts too). It is important as that.

refind share links social twitter

Let me explain how I do that and you just have to follow these very simple steps. First, create an account on Refind using the above link (we both get referral coins if you have used the above link for free).

You can fine-tune your account by going here and there. Create some “collections” so, you can add your links to those collections and browse through those saved links easily.

Then install the Refind browser extension (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox only). Now you are all set.

When you have come across an article, website, hashtag worth sharing with your followers, you just have to add those to your Refind account by clicking the browser extension.

You don’t have to post those on your social media while you are reading. I usually add my links and later I open my Refind iOS app and scheduled those for Twitter using Buffer or Hootsuite apps.

In this way, you can share not only saved articles on your browser, but Refind also suggests some great posts according to your interests. Isn’t that great?

As I said earlier, sharing great content is necessary to keep your Twitter alive and grow followers quickly.

11. WordSwag

Pro-looking graphics are essential to gain more Twitter followers. Because, tweets with high-quality graphics get more comments, retweets, and likes.

WordSwag is the best mobile App (monthly premium subscription plans available) to create amazing graphics content. I create all my Instagram, and Twitter quotes with this app.

It provides beautiful custom text layouts, quotes and you can search for copyright-free images without even leaving the app.

It usually takes a few taps to create your post and upload into social media. I couldn’t even do that playing for hours with Photoshop.

View this post on Instagram

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12. Canva

Canva is another tremendous graphic designing tool for all. Don’t worry; you don’t have to have any graphic designing skills to use it.

It has beautiful layouts. You have to place your images and words on the grid.

Canva mobile app is not as easy as WordSwag but, it has many other advanced features that WordSwag does not have.

daglega facebook cover canva design

Wrapping Up

Even if you have used the above tools, nobody can ensure your Twitter success or gain more Twitter followers quickly if you failed to engage with people/influencers, share valuable content, retweet, like and comment regularly.

I have written all about good and bad practices for Twitter before. Click here to see that article (open with a new browser tab)

You’ll find how to maintain a healthy Twitter account and my opinion about following, unfollowing, automated DMs, buying Twitter followers, generate fake followers, Twitter chats, #hashtags and other big things you should consider.

I have about 130k genuine Twitter followers on my account, and I don’t have any secret recipe.

I just used these tools and engaged with my followers. So, you definitely can do that better than me.

Do not worry about the number of followers on your account right now. It doesn’t matter. You’ll see the difference when you have found the right tool and the right strategy.

Note: Please don’t forget to PIN the image below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding growing Twitter followers quickly.

How can I get 1000 followers on Twitter quickly?

As I said earlier, how many followers you have is not the thing to worry about. But, if you are still wanna get your first 1000 followers fast, you have to have a good strategy. Follow these tips and you’ll get your first 1000 Twitter followers in no time.

# Use above tools (at least first 6) wisely from the very first day.
# Use only a high-quality profile photo and cover
# Tweet valuable links, especially with embedded images
# Tweet funny GIFs
# Use trending and relevant #hashtags
# Tweet regularly (5 tweets per day is enough)
# Tweet at the best times (use Buffer or Hootsuite to find the best times)
# Join Twitter chats
# Respond to others’ Tweets on relevant topics
# Follow new accounts in your niche (but don’t do it aggressively)
# Follow influencers in related niches
# Follow back your followers

Can I make money with Twitter?

Yes, of course, you can earn money from Twitter. Marketers/bloggers use different methods to make money with their Twitter profiles such as,

# Sponsored Tweets/ Paid Per Tweet
# Promote Ads on Twitter
# Generate traffic to your website
# Build an email list and promote products/services
# Affiliate Product promotion on Twitter
# Sell your own products via Twitter

So, first you have to create a killer Twitter profile with genuine and engaging followers. Then you’ll see that there are so many opportunities to earn from Twitter.

Is it OK to buy Twitter followers?

No. It is not OK.
It might not the worst idea a few years ago but it is now because Twitter is changing and they have already removed a ton of fake profiles.
If you just wanna waste your money on a bunch of fake followers, go ahead. It is quick, cheap and you could look huge. It is temporary and FAKE.
But, in the long-term process, buying fake followers will definitely looks bad and destroy your profile/business. So, grow your Twitter followers with the above Tools and tricks genuinely.
Read this to learn 5 Ways to Ruin Your Twitter Profile.

Do you know any other impressive Twitter tools to add? Let me know in the comment section below.

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