You Are Not Seth Godin

What is the ideal blog post length? That is a real dilemma, right? I have been struggling with this for months when I started this blog. So, let me tell you how I figured it out.

Probably you all know Mr. Seth Godin and I’m pretty sure at least you have seen his book or talks on the internet.

He is a hugely successful entrepreneur, influencer, author, speaker, and a true celebrity. So, if you still do not know him, please find him right now.

We have so many things to talk about this man and learn from his great works. But, today, let’s just focus on his blogging strategy and why his strategy and blog post length does not work for us.

He writes the most concise and amazing articles on his blog. Some articles have less than 100 words, but all the articles are insightful and have a deep meaning.

These very short articles have thousands of social shares and likes. That is why he is a true celebrity.

seth godin short blog post length

Newbie bloggers (including me) always wanted to become him and write as he writes. Use social media as he uses (He shares only his blog posts on Twitter and almost all are automated. No real personal engagement). Then the ultimate result is, most of the newbies give up on blogging and always complain.

Why they do not get that number of social shares like Mr. Seth and why nobody reads their articles. It is not going to happen soon because you are not Seth Godin.

So, what should we do if we wanna stand out in the already saturated blogging world? You have a few things to consider and practice.

What is the Ideal Blog Post Length?

First, it is the word count/blog post length. Word count matters, but I value the quality of the content over quantity.

In-depth articles have several advantages over the shorter articles. It is a fact and proven by huge companies and pioneer bloggers such as HubSpot, CopyBlogger, Darren Rows and Neil Patel with their blog performance analysis data.

When I started blogging, I did not want to accept that fact of long-form content perform better. Because I blindly assumed that people are busy these days and we should not write more than 700 words on one topic.

So, I expected to perform my shorter articles better.

Now I know. I’m wrong and why I came to that conclusion because I did not want to read more than 700 words on a single topic.

I have analyzed all the articles on this blog and realized the truth. All the top-ranking articles are over 2000 words.

So, if you already have a blog or plan to start a blog soon, consider both the word count and the quality.

Do not write irrelevant and repetitive words just because you wanna stretch the article. Overstretching is a bad practice and your readers are wise and find your trick immediately.

Do Your Own Experiment

Yes, of course, Google prefers long-form content and has SEO benefits but, you have to do your own experiment to find the proper blog post length.

semrush seo daglega domain overview

Data on your own experiment is much more valuable than anything out there. It is the key to blogging success. Maybe HubSopt’s findings are irrelevant for your niche and for your readers.

So, the ideal blog post length depends.

Basically, it depends on many factors. One is your blog topic. Some topics demand shorter articles. If not, your readers will get overwhelmed quickly and some topics ask in-depth content.

As an example, if your topic is “20 Best Wordpress Plugins for Marketers”, you probably have to write more than 2000 words. Because readers expect more than a list of 20 plugins. You have to compare the plugins, give alternatives, pros, and cons, how these plugins affect marketing, put your own experience of those plugins, etc.

So, you have to find the best for your blog and not for Seth’s or Neil’s blog.

Make Your Post More Valuable

If you wanna stand out among the pro bloggers, instead of trying to become another Seth Godin, give an extra value to your article.

Most beginners’ problem is, almost all the topics are already covered deeply. Especially if you are in a crowded niche, you definitely see hundreds of articles on the same exact topic. 

What should we do?

My advice is, you do not have to find an original topic which is not covered by anybody. Because it is impossible. There are so many other methods you could try easily.

Follow these simple tricks to make your post more valuable than others.

1. Build on others work

I have already written an article on this exact method. I discussed about how to build on others work, how to find the best topics which is not covered already, how to learn from the best authors, where to find the best topics, how you could find the trending topics, how to do a simple survey on social media to find out what topics your readers like the most, etc.

Please find that article here – It Is OK To Steal Blog Post Ideas From Others

2. Narrow your topic

“How to start a blog”, is covered by numerous bloggers because it is a wide topic. So, the trick is, narrow your topic to “The absolute cheapest ways to start a blog” or “ How to start a blog on a budget”

Then you’ll be able to talk to a unique audience.

Here is another example. “10 best Wordpress themes for lifestyle bloggers” is too wide. How about “Ten overlooked Wordpress themes for lifestyle bloggers”

This trick works for me all the time. As a newbie, I could bring one of my articles to Google’s first page with this trick. You can do that too.

3. Hire your own editor

Good editors are pretty rare and expensive. I know that. So, maybe hiring an editor is not the best option for you, but a good editor can do a lot more than correct your typos and grammar. 

They know how to convert your garbage article into a real gem. If you can’t hire an editor, at least send your article to a few friends and ask what they think.

4. Use screenshots

Yes, it is important to prove your point with evidence. So, try to use screenshots instead of just links and unnecessary photos in the middle of the post.

Take these screenshots from your computer or phone when it is possible. That is how you build trust and a strong bond with your audience.

As an example, when you talk about social media, show things through your own social media profile or when you write a review for an App, show your audience that you are actually using that app.

twitter list influential women nirodha abayalath

5. Include your own research data

Please do not rely on other data all the time. There is always room for your own research data and your readers will love to hear from your original work. While you are showing your own research findings, you definitely can use external citations to validate your results.

I know you guys use so many interesting tricks to make your article more valuable. Please let us know. So, help newbies to build upon your work.

Content Marketing Strategy

Sometimes you feel like writing 500 words and sometimes it is 5000. Just do it. That is the beauty of blogging. No rules on how your blog post should look, how many words or when to share it.

But, the most important thing is, you must have a content writing and publishing strategy in mind. If not, it will be a waste of your precious time and energy.

One of the major reasons for failing, most of the bloggers do not have a proper content marketing strategy. So, without wasting your time and money develop at least a simple content marketing strategy.

content marketing types hubspot blog post length

Find this in-depth HubSpot guide before you develop your content marketing strategy – How to Develop a Content Strategy: A Start-to-Finish Guide

Writing articles for your blog is only one type of content marketing. According to the above amazing guide, you have several other content marketing types to consider.

So, as a beginner, just prepare a strategy at least for your article writing without following the exact footsteps of pro bloggers out there.

If you are concerned about SEO, you should think about the consistency and building quality backlinks. So, build a strategy for that too. However, please don’t post more than one long article (2000+ words) every week. It is overwhelming for you and for your readers.

Note: Don’t forget to PIN the image below.

ideal blog post length seth godin

Wrapping Up

You are not Seth Godin. Again, please keep that in mind. His strategy might not work for you, especially for newbies like you and me.

Even if you do all the things right and consider SEO, word count, consistency, building backlinks, write the best topics, etc. for your blog, there is a factor that can’t be measured and it is the most important of all.

It is the trustworthiness of the author. People have not just come to read your articles. They are coming to find answers to their problems. So, your answers must be reliable and they could be able to trust your answers.

In science, to prove something, you have to do a series of experiments following the scientific method and publish it in a good science journal.

Publishing on a science journal is pretty annoying. Your work will be reviewed thoroughly by a panel of experts and you’ll have to revise your article so many times on their comments and can also be rejected.

But, you can publish anything you want and release it to the world. Nobody tries to block you. So, that is why I told you, trustworthiness is the most important factor in blogging success.

So, be an honest blogger. Try to tell them what you really believe. Your readers sense your honesty right away and come back for your opinion.

And the other thing I learned since the first day I started blogging is, we have to keep our expectations low if you would want to enjoy blogging and write every day.

Blogging success does not come overnight even if you write better than Mr. Seth. So, you have to be patient and keep doing what you have already started.

As you can see, becoming a successful blogger is not rocket science but the hardest thing is executing these practices.

We’d love to hear how you started blogging who inspired you.

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