Do Not Put All Your Eggs In One Basket!

Do not put all your eggs in one basket; you’ll find a mess in no time. I have been doing this mistake several times in my freelancing career, and I learned a lot.

So, try to learn from my mistakes.

I earned my very first salary by working on Upwork as a freelancer while doing my University studies. My best friend created an Upwork profile for me (It was called oDesk at that time) and even applied for jobs for me.

Finally, I got a job for a thin hourly rate that could not even cover my internet bill. However, I had to accept that because my goal was to prove my skills and display some “worked hours” on my profile as a beginner.

From that day, I worked hard and developed my oDesk profile step by step. Within a few years, I became a TOP RATED freelancer in my category.

Earning my first salary (just about 20$) was very exciting, even if it was tiny. I can’t express that feeling here. Since then, I have worked on several projects simultaneously, day and night, for years. I earned enough for my family and me.

But when you have achieved things, that excitement loses. That happens to all of us.

It happened to me too. I almost lost interest in freelancing because it is annoying and desperate to convince clients of a new project. The competition was unbearably high.

That lack of interest merely led me to a financial crisis. I even had to go for a bank loan.

If you are investing all your time in freelancing websites such as Upwork or Freelancer, you should consider the worst cases that could be happened to you.

  • Most freelancing websites do not care about freelancers. Their priority is for clients.
  • The website could suspend your profiles for breaking its rules.
  • The website could be broken or shut down at any time.
  • Your profile/applications could be hidden from clients because of technical problems (it happened to me while they were upgrading).

What should you do if any of these things happen to your freelancer profile? Nothing! You’ll have to walk away and start over. That is why you must have a backup plan.

I did not invest in any other business, did not start my own business, or didn’t even save some money. I bought fancy things on eBay, expensive food, hotels, road trips, etc.

However, I’m proud of one thing I did. I spent a large share with my family.

My point is that working as a freelancer on Upwork without investing in other businesses will also not be suitable for your health.

Do not be motivated by money. Start your own business. You will fail and have to face severe consequences with every single failure, but you should not be afraid. Every failure shows how to do it right.

As I said in the beginning, I learned from my mistakes. Now I know exactly what and where I did wrong. So, I soon started my blog. I may fail, but at least I tried.

My real goal is not the money with my blog, at least for now but when I want, I should have something well established.

So, I’m preparing for the game. Others are already playing the game. I know that but I’m not too late yet. That is how I want to think.

I spent all my time just seeking new projects and working on them for years. Sometimes, I had to work overtime for free, and I was cheated. I drained my energy for others this whole time. Now, I want to be my own boss.

The first step is always the hardest. I have done the hardest part. You should too.

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