Social Media Marketing to Amplify Your Profits

How to Start an Online Business: A Step by Step Guide

Every day sees people working to create their own online businesses. In more recent years, these new entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to the online realm. This is partly due to the rise and maturation of an entire generation of “digital natives,” meaning people who have grown up never knowing a world without the internet.  Another cause is simply that for Read More

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Keep Your Eyes On The Road

I’m a victim of “multitasking.” Are you? I’m not going to say that multitasking is wrong. I have read some success stories mentioned how multitasking worked really great on their productivity and success. Maybe it works for you too. But, simply, I’m not a multitasking person. I tried for years, and I failed. So, I am pretty sure that I Read More

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Jump Right In

Think as you want to swim. You will not learn how to swim until you jump right into the pool. You will not understand the depth of the water until you jump right in or you will not have the joy of a good swim until you swim. Yes, I know, it is scary and hard but, one day you’ll Read More

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Start Writing The Next One

Blogging is not easy. It is heavy work. Yes, I know. My advice is, just start writing. If you are the only soul who does everything such as blog’s backend work, designing work, writing, editing, and also marketing, then you are in big trouble. You will feel overwhelmed soon with your blog. Do not let that happen. Blogging is pretty Read More

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What Else Can You Do?

Do you get enough traffic for your blog? If yes, most probably, you do everything right. But, if you do not have enough blog traffic, you might want to add at least a few more things to the list. Even top bloggers complain blog traffic is going down for years. So, don’t worry too much of dipping your blog traffic. Read More

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6 Best Ways to Make Real Money on Instagram

Instagram launched in 2010 October as a photo-sharing App with only a tiny workforce. It became one of the top social media platforms in very less than 7 years, and now, Instagram has become an incredible tool for businesses and marketing. Making money from Instagram is not a big deal. It is easy and straightforward. But, growing organic followers is Read More

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