Keep Your Eyes On The Road

I’m a victim of “multitasking.” Are you?

I’m not going to say that multitasking is wrong. I have read some success stories mentioned how multitasking worked really great on their productivity and success.

Maybe it works for you too.

But, simply, I’m not a multitasking person. I tried for years, and I failed. So, I am pretty sure that I am a single-tasking person.

Even if it is not a problem for you, I suggest you do a proper productivity analysis with multitasking and single-tasking. Then you can decide which method works best for you.


I believe that all the distractions and switching between tasks come with our mobile phones and social media apps installed.

Social media mobile notifications are the worst. If you are a writer or a driver, you are in huge trouble with these notifications.

Most of those notifications can wait, but you would want to reply to your retweets, comments, or DMs instantly. It is an addiction.

I even do not like to see little red notification number badges on my mobile apps. So, even if I couldn’t reply, I want to open and make them go away. I was that addicted.

And, I used to believe that if I didn’t respond to those mobile notifications immediately, I would lose them or they’ll get a bad impression.

I was terribly wrong. Nothing is going to happen if I couldn’t respond to those notifications immediately.


So, keep your eyes on the road. Focus on what you are doing right now. Cutting off all the contacts with the outside world works the best when you do a critical task such as writing.

Try disabling all the notifications, especially social media notifications at least for a week. You’ll experience a significant productivity boost.

If you still want to check the mobile notifications, set a specific time for that. When you do that for at least one week, your brain understands that you are not going to check the notification till that exact time.

It’ll help to keep your mind at peace throughout the day and focus on what you are doing at present.

Set Boundaries

Everybody talks about the minimalism these days. Minimalistic design is highly appreciated in any area.

Do you know about mental minimalism?

It is known as decluttering your mind. We all need a clutter-free mind to do our duties properly.

To remove unnecessary thoughts from your mind, you have to set boundaries. If you want to see things clearly, you have to set proper boundaries.

When it comes to writing, nobody should interrupt while you write. It is your space, and others should respect that. If you did not define this boundary properly, productivity goes down rapidly.

That is why I asked you to turn off mobile notifications and cut all links to the outer world at least for a week.

You definitely have to see the other vehicles and drivers passing by, but keep your eyes focused on the road.

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