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Do you have a LONG LIST of goals and desires in your life? Then you are distracted, and probably, you will not achieve all those goals at the SAME TIME.

Distractions come from social media, emails and your neighbor are easy to figure out and avoid. We have already discussed those and how to create a distractions free environment for your writing.

But, when the distraction comes from deep inside your mind, it is not easy to fix. I’m not saying that goals and desires are bad, or you are not strong enough to reach many goals. 

If you want to become a successful one, you must have some realistic goals in your life. That is the driving force. That is true, and I believe that too.

But, a long list of goals to achieve within the next few weeks is trouble. Nobody can do everything at once. OK. 99% can’t do that because people stress out quickly.

Effective method

Focusing on everything simultaneously is not an effective method to achieve your goals; instead, focus on one thing at a time.

Yes, it is a simple idea, but at the same time, it is one of the hardest things to do. Many authors have written about this; life coaches have talked about this, and researchers have published about this around the globe.

Still, we can’t focus on one task because our desires are strong. We have so many wants in our life. We want a college degree, a good job, and a substantial salary by the end of our 20s.

Even if we’ve achieved those goals, we always want some more. That is why many other goals come to your mind and distract you while you work on your primary goal.

I hope you all experienced this and know the result. All the time, we ceased working on our primary goal also.

I have been trying to focus on one of my research projects for years now and struggling to finish it because I have so many other projects going on inside my head. That many projects make me busy without even working on those other projects.

I have been stuck in one place in my life for years now. It is annoying.

Do not let that happen to you. Do not become a slave to your intense desires and goals. Nobody can maintain the focus of many goals all the time. 

So, take one goal off of your list. It can be a tiny one. Don’t worry; work on it and finish it. Then go to the next one.

You can’t have everything

First, we all must understand that we can’t have everything in our lives, at least at the same time. But we defiantly can have something.

Read stories of successful people in the world. You’ll see that even if they don’t have everything in their lives and do not achieve everything at the same time. They achieved one goal at a time, and in the end, they made many goals. 

Lord Buddha says, appreciate what you already have. That helps to keep the peace in your mind and stay happy. As a Buddhist, I firmly believe I have always wanted to control my desires and appreciate what I already have.

But, honestly, we all want more. We do not satisfy easily. I do not know the exact word for this, but it is a version of greediness.


Pretty much all bloggers have a long list of goals. They want to design a lovely blog with beautiful graphics, publish two articles every week, rank all the keywords and hit Google’s first page, SEO, gain thousands of social media shares and huge organic traffic, become a successful blogger, and earn money from the blog, etc. 

This list is really long.

We all have been there at one stage of our blogging career, right?

Even if you work really hard, you can’t achieve all these at the same time. I learned that the hard way. Huge disappointment and stress are the only things you get. And you will give up on blogging within a few weeks.

It happens to many newcomers.

So, don’t work day and night to achieve all these at once. Just select one and work on it. I suggest just focusing on writing and publishing. Just create a simple blog and start writing.

Yes, it is great to have a perfectly designed blog for SEO and gain traffic, but everything comes after writing and publishing. So, write as many articles as you can. It should be the primary goal.

All the other things, such as money and traffic, come with time.

Over to you

Life is already hard enough. Don’t make it even harder by trying so hard to accomplish many goals at the same time.

Put everything aside and focus on one goal. See how efficient that method is. After achieving your first goal, that inspiration is enough to finish your second task.

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