Social Media Marketing to Amplify Your Profits

How to Use SEO to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

While content is an essential part of a digital marketing campaign, for your content to be seen, you need to incorporate Search Engine Optimization into the mix. Having an integrated strategy that combines SEO and content marketing can help you develop high-quality content that can make its way to the top of the search engines. Here, we will discuss all Read More

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Top 7 Essential Elements of a Content Marketing Strategy

Did you know that websites following a sturdy content marketing strategy experience 7.8 times more traffic than other websites? Neil Patel believes that people who share valuable content gets to the heart of their readers right away. Therefore, no matter how clichéd it sounds, I would say again and again that content is the king. If you want sales and Read More

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Want More Instagram Followers? Here Are 9 Easy Growth Strategies

You want hundreds of active Instagram followers every day? I’m really sorry to inform you that this article is definitely not for you. Don’t waste your precious time on this. I have seen that some “Instagram Strategists” promise to give you hundreds of real Instagram followers if you have followed their tricks. My experience is, most of those tricks do Read More

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Why I Keep Writing

Truth be told. I have my own blog and no audience. I have a Medium account (a really great platform for writers, you should try it) and no significant audience there too. Nobody reads my articles. But, I am still writing here. I’m not a good writer nor a professional blogger and not even close to that title. But, I Read More

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Social Media Best Practices Every Brand Should Follow

Social media is one of the most exciting and meaningful ways to promote your brand. It is also one of the most engaging and quick ways to spread brand awareness. There are many social media networks that can do wonders for your brand. So, you should understand the social media best practices to use social media platforms effectively. However, all Read More

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