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5 Things to Do Before You Write Your First Blog Post

My very first blog post for Daglega is, “How I Defeated Fears and Started Writing My First Blog Post?” I have seen some hidden paths through that blog post. I got a chance to talk to some experienced bloggers and had a 15+ comment on that blog post. Isn’t that great? Yes, It is nothing, but it was a huge Read More

2020-02-20T23:59:43+05:30March 7th, 2019|Blogging|

Overthinking = Making Things Too Complicated

First, I have to say that I’m not a blogging coach or an expert writer but, I have learned a few things about overthinking while writing and how this overthinking affects terrible on my writing. I usually overthink everything, and it makes me very busy. Even the stupidest idea comes out as a very complicated product with overthinking. I thought Read More

2020-02-20T23:59:14+05:30August 27th, 2018|Blogging|

Stop Sounding Smarter Than You Are

Well, we all want to sound smarter than we are right? When we are writing, we do that more often. I am stupid enough to try that too, and it feels wrong.  I always had a story to tell you and wanted a platform to write and improve my writing without any restriction. That was the primary goal of this Read More

2020-02-20T23:57:22+05:30August 25th, 2018|Blogging|

6 Best Tools to Gain More Twitter Followers

Everybody wants more Twitter followers right? Within the last few months, Twitter was not the best social media platform to focus on because, the marketing potential which Twitter had in the early days, is fading due to different reasons. One of the major problems was, Twitter has the most substantial number of fake profiles among all the other competitors. So, Read More

2020-02-09T15:42:57+05:30August 11th, 2018|SMM|

How to Use Social Media to Make Money: 5 Easy Ways

Social media was intended as a means to connect and communicate with your friends and family. It barely is that now. If you know the online marketing world, you know that social media is another space you can invest money and time in and expect many returns. As a freelancer, however, it does not seem too much of a bother Read More

2020-02-20T23:57:14+05:30July 11th, 2018|SMM|

Klout, The Social Influence Platform Is Dead

Klout, the social influence platform was founded by Joe Fernandez way back in 2008. In 2014, he sold Klout to a company called Lithium Technologies for $200 million. According to a statement issued by Pete Hess, CEO of Lithium, they have made their decision to sunset the Klout service on May 25. I have never been a huge fan of Read More

2020-02-20T23:57:04+05:30May 14th, 2018|SMM|