Overthinking = Making Things Too Complicated

First, I have to say that I’m not a blogging coach or an expert writer, but I have learned a few things about overthinking while writing and how this overthinking affects terrible on my writing.

I usually overthink everything, and it makes me very busy. Even the stupidest idea comes out as a very complicated product with overthinking.

I thought I had to add value to every word I wrote. Everything I share on social media.

Sometimes, I can’t even write about the things I know very well because I overthink. Finally, the idea stuck deep inside my head. So, how could I write?

Most bloggers overthink while writing more often and screw up the article. That is why I decided to share my experience with you, even if I’m not an expert.

One at a time 

If you are a social media enthusiast like me, you hear tons of news about social media daily or find many new topics to write about after a conference or a great movie.

Yes, you have too many new ideas. You don’t know where to begin, right? You complicated things in your head. Well done! You just killed some of the best blog post ideas by overthinking.

Instead of overthinking, you could have taken out one idea first and started to write; maybe you could have completed several excellent blog posts by now.

Stop worrying too much about the topic or the content. Sit in front of your computer and start typing or take a pen and paper and write. You have to start. Write anything that comes to mind.

It doesn’t mean that you should publish everything you write. It may be junk, but no problem at all. Words on paper are much better than overthinking.

Yes, I know. It is the hardest, but it is the best practice, especially for beginners.

Classic content?

We all want to write classic articles from the first day of blogging, but it will not happen overnight. It comes with practice, discipline, and maybe good coaching.

Just don’t try too hard to be the best. You do not have to prove that to anybody. You are you if your article is a classic piece or not, still worth publishing.

I think humans are hardwired for stories with heroes, mythical creatures, and aliens. Why not write about your fantasy? Maybe you will become the next J. K. Rowling. Don’t let overthinking ruin your incredible story.

It is classic. You have to believe that.

Another important thing is I noticed that even some huge bloggers use some unfamiliar and strange words or language (I mean unusual sentence structures) to make their articles look like classic content.

You might think that it is a good idea. No, it is not.

Hard to understand for a collective audience. So, don’t force yourself. Write as ideas flow through your mind.


Are you trying to write a 3000+ words blog post from day one? Then you are being a slave to SEO and Google. Don’t do that. You are not Neil Patel or Brian Dean. 

Neil Patel only creates long-form content (4000+ words) these days. Brian Dean from Backlinko reviewed 188 SEO tools in a single blog post. It is 10,000+ words. Who would read this massive post? I have no idea.

Don’t take my word wrong. I’m not telling you that overstretched, long-form content is terrible. Long-form content works exceptionally on search engines. You’ll get good traffic.

Neil Patel has proved that by performing extensive research on many blogs.

Brian Dean’s 10K+ words article alone had 1000+ comments. Isn’t that enough for you to get an idea about the performance?

These in-depth articles are the best from experts on the market. You should not follow them because when you are trying to stretch your post, your mind will automatically go into an overthinking state.

And this kind of wordy article is tough to process in mind if you are not a professional blogger. So, why would you do that? For SEO?

I believe five good points are enough for a single blog post to catch the readers. With this experience, you can do your research to find which type performs the best by mixing the long and short-form posts on your blog.

neil patels blog overthinking daglega

Spend days?

In the beginning, it took me about a week to complete a single blog post because I was overthinking and went through every word again and again before publishing it.

It is because lack of confidence, I think.

Most of those articles have never even been read by anybody. Not a single click or a social share. What results from wasting too much time picking the right words, correcting grammar, and researching keywords?

I could have written at least one new blog post at that time. You have to be wise to make the right decision. You can spend days and publish an article that nobody has ever going to read, or you can write a few more.

I know you have already followed the first way of blogging. Everybody does in the beginning. So, I think it is time to try the other way.

As a beginner, I decided to set a deadline for my blog post and try my best to complete the article on time instead of going through the same piece for days.

You might argue with that, but I have already seen progress in both my writing speed and my blog.

Without overthinking the topic, I can write a 1000+ word post within 4-5 hours, excluding the research time now. Isn’t that great?

70: 30

You have already understood that overthinking holds you from writing great content, writing more, taking the next step without fear, and starting your podcast series or your new Vlog channel on YouTube.

If you want to overcome overthinking, reading is the best option. Overthinking does not solve any problems, but reading does. 

Spend 70% of your time reading (do not waste time picking “good” content. Read anything you’ve come across) and 30% for writing.

This is how I work on my overthinking problem, or at least how I wanted to do that. This ratio may change with time and experience, but 70% is the bare minimum for beginners.

Wrapping up

Overthinking does not help with anything. You should stop overthinking because it does complicate things even more.

The best ideas come out of the mind when it is free and relaxed. You have to have a relaxed mind, especially for newbies. Then you’ll have the best writing experience.

You would enjoy blogging. Overthinking makes blogging annoying and harder. Believe me, and try these tricks yourself.

Let me know if you have anything to add to this, how you’ve started your blogging career as a beginner, and where you stand today. I would love to add more valuable points to this post from your journey.

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