Why I Started Blogging?

Yes, I know I’m supposed to write about the “Social Media Marketing” not about blogging. This blog is designed for that, and It seems like I’m diverging from the subject.

No, I’m not off the tracks. Truly, blogging is very much related to the social media marketing business.

I can give you a checklist of “Critical Steps to Grow Your Twitter With Real Followers” but, that is not how social media marketing works now.

You can’t just sell the product or service. First, build up your audience with great appealing stories.

Most digital marketers are doing that. Have you read Seth Godin’s or Jeff Goins’s blogs? They are the best storytellers I have ever seen on the internet.

Both of them are Best-selling authors. It is not an accident. They always have great stories to tell. Now they can sell almost anything they want with their name on it.

My intention is not to make money by blogging. Then what I expect from this blog? There are five primary reasons for starting this Daglega blog.

1. It is Fun

We all are exhausted from being said what to do and what not to do but, my blog is my space, no barriers, nobody tells me what I have to write next. I can write anything I want. That freedom feels great.

As a Science graduate, I had to stick to technical terms and very careful about the grammar while writing scientific publications. Scientific publications are always the same format. Have you ever read one? Boring no? Everything comes under subheadings like Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusions.

So, scientific writing is painful.

The best part of blogging is, I do not have to worry about technical terms, grammar and write everything in order, too much anymore. So, isn’t it fun?

2. I Want to Improve My Writing

My grammar is not good. Vocabulary is not enough. I know all those negative things already but, I have my own stories to tell. What should I do?

I have been thinking about improving my writing skills for years. I was terribly wrong. Thinking is not the way to improve. It builds only stress and pain.

Just sit and write. Read daily and write daily. That is the only way to improve writing skills. A few months back, I couldn’t even write a hundred words with confident but, now I’m writing 500+ words every day.

I just write anything comes into my mind. I don’t even think that I could publish these on my blog or not. Sometimes, I delete a few paragraphs with a single press of a button which I have been writing for hours. No worries. The “wow” feelings I felt while writing never go away even if I deleted the whole post.

I don’t even expect anybody to read my blog because I’m not crazy. It is not going to happen even after publishing 500 articles. I just write.

Yes, I know, still, my writing is terrible but, one day, I’ll become a better writer. I know that because I already have started which is the hardest thing.

I learn about writing from

3. Writers Say, It Feels Wondrous

I was curious. Most of the writer says, it feels wondrous. I just wanted to test whether it is true or not.

Yes, of course, they are 100% right. It feels really wondrous. I feel amazing while I’m watching a great movie, walking with my wife, talking to my mom……

Writing feels the same. Sometimes, more wondrous because, blogging is an entirely fresh experience for me.

Don’t trust my word. Write, then you’ll feel that.

4. I’m Addicted to Movies and TV Series

I have been watching at least a single movie/TV series each an every day for five-six years.

Sometimes, I watch movies until 3 AM. I am addicted no?

So, I thought that writing is the best way to give up a bad habit and It is working. I don’t know for how long but, I feel better now.

If you want to spend your time and energy efficiently, you’ll find no better work than writing and expose your inner person.

5. Help Others

“The easiest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.”
– Deepak Chopra –

I know how hard it was me to come this far.

One lifetime is not enough to take all the experience and learn. So, share your experience and let others taste the wisdom that you gained from them.

Yes, I know, all the above reasons for starting a blog are personal.

There are some secondary benefits of blogging to me. The blogosphere is evolving rapidly. So, people are blogging for multiple different reasons nowadays. Maybe those are primary benefits for you. No problem at all.

6. Blogging is a Business

I’m not talking about promoting any business with blogging. Blogging is also a business itself now.

Some professional bloggers earn 5-6 figure income per month from their blogs just by writing but, my advice is, do not read “Blog Income Reports” which is a trending topic now (pro bloggers do not do that).

It’ll set far away goals for you and be frustrated quickly. So, just start the business and don’t drive by money.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to know the methods you could try for “money blogging”. Almost all bloggers are practicing these techniques.

  • Affiliate programs
  • Sponsored posts
  • Displaying ads on the blog (Google Ads)
  • Selling books/Apps/Podcasts

7. Networking is the Base

Building a loyal network is the base of any business. With a blog, you will be able to bring new interested people (potential customers) into the business.

We can learn more about the people and what they expect from us and our business. So, the blog is the place where we can build trust and gain influence about our business.

8. Be an Expert in Your Field

I have been operating as a freelance Social Media Strategist for years, but I have learned a lot about the social media business after I started blogging about my own field.

You know why?

I had to learn a lot and do proper research before writing an article. While researching, I’m taking notes, add posts to my later reading list, gain fresh blogging ideas, find a few new blogs worth reading every day.

Isn’t it the way to learn new things?

That is why I said; blogging helps me to be an expert in my field. You’ll understand that when you’ve started.

9. Blogging For SEO

I have been said that Google pays more attention to businesses with blogs since their last few updates and Google loves fresh content. Maybe blogging is the best way to bring your website to the top.

I knew nothing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Don’t take my word wrong. I’m not proud of that. I should have been learned at least the basics of SEO as a social media strategist.

I thought that SEO is only for geeks and it is a callous thing to learn. So, I immediately gave up. However, now I’m leaning the SEO by practicing the basic SEO techniques.

10. Online YOU; First Impression

There are probably lots of information that could find about you online but, when somebody searches you online, you have to make sure that they get the right first impression.

Sometimes, our social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram always come at the top in my case) do not give a proper impression of our skills.

Bloggers can fix that issue by creating great content. Your blog/articles will show you who “YOU” are and what you are capable of. So, blogging is the key to expose your skills to the world.

And, almost all the successful bloggers claim that “About Me” page on their blog is one of the most useful and has tremendous value. They get a lot of new clients/sales through that page.

It is not just a bio. They talk about their journey, achievements, goals, skills, and reviews of their work/products step by step on the “About Me” page.

See the killer “About Me” page of Donna Moritz, the owner of the SociallySorted blog.

Finally, as I said to you, in the beginning, I’m not off the tracks. So, where blogging and social media marketing cross their paths?

We all are posting/promoting others content on social media, sometimes without even going through those content because we don’t have our own things. I have been doing that since the day I created my social media.

I was not a content creator, and I had no other options.

You publish quality content, provide value to your readers/customers, and people don’t think twice to share your content on their walls. You’ll see how your social media grow.

Over to You

If you are a beginner for blogging like me, don’t spend too much time worrying about SEO stuff. It’ll block you from writing pure thoughts of yours and writing fast.

First, put your head into the blogging community and then learn things gently. Be patient.

Tell me why did you start a blog?

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